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Some short notes

I’ve updated the blog to use Google’s new “beta” Blogger software. I haven’t noticed any glitches, but please let me know if anything seems broken. They’ve updated their feed to support Atom 1.0 which is great. Previously they served up Atom 0.3 which I then updated to 1.0 via this mechanism.

Also, the new Blogger has added item tagging support via the Rel-Tag microformat. (Blogger calls them “Labels”). I had been using Technorati tags for this purpose, but the integrated UI in the new Blogger is worth the work of switching over, so you may notice a little churn in old entries as I convert.

As you probably have heard, OpenDocument Format (ODF) has been official published by ISO as ISO/IEC 26300:2006, as you can see here. This is the culmination of almost four years of effort by the OASIS TC. Also note that ISO/IEC JTC/SC34 had a ballot last July to request that JTC1 make the final ISO version of ODF freely available for download at no charge. Until that happens, you can purchase an ISO version from the ISO web site, or download an OASIS version at the OASIS ODF TC’s web site. The content should be identical. Eventually the ISO version should be downloadable for free as well.

Another member of the ODF community has started up a blog. Florian Reuter, an ODF TC member who recently joined Novell, discusses some suggested enhancements for ODF 1.2.

Finally, OpenOffice.org has announced the winners of their Template/Clipart Contest. The templates of course are in ODF format, so this is a good illustration of the richness and capabilities of the format. Linux.com has the details.

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