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Four Shorts

I. OpenOffice.org Conference (OOOoCon 2006) in comming up, September 11-13th in Lyon, France. The last day starts with a panel discussion of ODF topics, and follows with a track dedicated to ODF. I’m on at 14:00 with a presentation with the exciting title, “A Technical Comparison: ISO/IEC 26300 vs Microsoft Office Open XML (Ecma International TC45 OOXML WD 1.3)”.

The abstract is:

Two XML office file formats have been pressing upon our attention, the OASIS OpenDocument Format, recently standardized by ISO, and the Draft Ecma Office Open XML. This presentation will review history of each, the process that created them, and examine each format to compare and contrast how they deal with issues such extensibility, modularization, expressivity, performance, reuse of standards, programability, ease of use, and application/OS neutrality.

II. KDE enthusiasts get together two weeks later, in Dublin, for their aKademy 2006. Tuesday the 26th will be OpenDocument Day. I’ll be there, and will give a lighting talk on something, probably related to some ODF programmability API ideas I’ve been having.

III. If you didn’t see it yet, Rick “Schemetron” Jelliffe has an interesting post over at O’Reilly looking at ODF and OOXML documents from the perspective of XML complexity metrics. This is a topic which Rick has done a good deal of work with in the past, so it is interesting to hear what he has to say. Did I see something there about OpenOffice loading documents faster than Office?

IV. The ODF Formula Subcommittee has set up a wiki page on our work defining OpenFormula. A lot of good information is there. This page will be updated with the latest status, so you’ll want to make it the first place to go for the latest info on our progress.

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  • C. T. Rambler 2006/08/21, 11:46 am

    Any chance of posting your presentation slide here?

  • Rob 2006/08/22, 8:49 pm

    Yes, I’ll either post it here or link to it at the conference’s site. But first I need to write it…

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