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Public review of “The State of ODF Interoperability”

The OASIS ODF Interoperability and Conformance TC has as a primary goal to:

Initially and periodically thereafter, to review the current state of conformance and interoperability among a number of ODF implementations; To produce reports on overall trends in conformance and interoperability that note areas of accomplishment as well as areas needing improvement, and to recommend prioritized activities for advancing the state of conformance and interoperability among ODF implementations in general without identifying or commenting on particular implementations;

The initial  “State of ODF Interoperability” report has now gone out for public review.  It is a baseline report, surveying the context of document interoperability, the sources of interoperability problems as well the ways in which these problems are being addressed.  Although it explicitly deals with ODF interoperability, much of the report is equally relevant to any other office document format, XML-based or binary.

If you want to participate in the public review,  you can find links to the  draft, as well as instructions for submitting comments, in the OASIS announcement of the review.

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