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Introducing Planet ODF

I have an early Document Freedom Day present for you. Planet ODF is a feed aggregator based on Sam Ruby’s Planet Venus, which itself is a refactoring of Planet 2.0.

Planet ODF aggregates several blogs, news sources, discussion forums and other online services related to ODF. I’ve tried to be semi-intelligent so you don’t get random stories about the Oregon Department of Foresty or non-ODF blog posts by me. I’ll tune the feeds over time, but the hope is to make it 100% ODF relevant content.

If you have a blog, discussion forum or any other ODF-related content with an Atom or RSS feed and want it included, then please let me know. It doesn’t need to be 100% ODF. You can discuss your cats 90% of the time and ODF 10% of the time and I can set up a filter to bring in the relevant content.

Also, I’ve set up an OpenDocument Format group on the social bookmarking site Diigo. (I abandoned del.icio.us when the Microsoft/Yahoo takeover rumors started.) Even if you don’t have a blog or a web site with a feed, you can use Diigo to bookmark any articles you think are relavent to ODF. If you send those links to the OpenDocument Format group, then they will automatically be included in the Planet ODF feed.

Enjoy, and pass on the good news.

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  • chs 2009/03/24, 7:02 am

    There is also another ODF aggregator that we made here:

  • Gary McGath 2009/03/24, 1:36 pm

    If you like, you can grab the posts from my File Formats Blog which are tagged ODF, using the URL http://fileformats.blogspot.com/search/label/ODF.

  • Thomas 2009/03/24, 1:50 pm

    This page may be a good one; and I’m still expecting you to start microblogging ! :D


    Thomas Zander

    ps. any suggestions for a nice (square) logo for that page appreciated.

  • Rob 2009/03/24, 5:56 pm

    Thanks, Gary. I added your blog.

    Thomas, the identi.ca posts look very similar to posts I’ve seen on ODF on Twitter. Is this an independent service? Or do people commonly post the same content to both? I’m trying to avoid duplicates, which is hard.

    As for a logo, there are the official OASIS community logos for ODF are here:

    The dove one is square, 300×300 pixels, though I’m not sure how well it will reduce since we have only a JPG, not a scalable vector graphics version.

  • Thomas 2009/03/25, 7:48 am

    Most of the freedom loving people switched to identi.ca since it runs on an open platform; but I know that various still double post their microblogs for now to twitter.

    Identica actually has groups with a separate feed to follow, so I would suggest you follow that one and urge anyone that microblogs and wants its odf posts to be aggregated to use a laconica installation (which powers identi.ca among others) for this feature alone. It will make your duplication worries go away ;)

  • Roy Schestowitz 2009/03/26, 7:10 pm

    Hi, Rob,

    My ODF category is available as RSS feed at: http://boycottnovell.com/category/opendocument/feed/rss/

  • johndrinkwater 2009/03/27, 1:34 pm

    identi.ca is a similar service to Twitter (its a federated µblog network), but it has inbuilt tags and groups. Groups behave like a subscription mailing list, tags behave just like on twitter. So when users post to group, it’s certainly meant to go there.

    I confess I get my identica account to forward to twitter just to maintain my old viewers, apologies for any dupes.

    At the moment planetodf contains a lot of tweets that contain typos of ‘of’, it is a bit depressing. It might be possible to use a feed from hashtags.org? at least then users are certain #odf will forward to the planet.

  • Rob 2009/03/27, 2:09 pm


    The raw Twitter feed for searching for “odf” will certainly bring in a lot of typos, often fat fingers trying to type “of”. But I’m passing the feed through an additional filter, a case-sensitive search for “ODF”, which seems to have eliminated those stray tweets.

    Even that is not enough for the Google News feed, since ODF is also an acronym for Oregon Department of Forestry and other things. So I only pass through news stories containing “standard” or “format” in addition to “ODF”.

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