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Comedy tonight!

Some people think I’m funny. Maybe it is because I like to listen to sea shanties as I blog. Maybe we just live in funny times. In any case, I’d like to highlight three things that have made me laugh this week. And trust me, I have exquisite taste.

First up is Tiffany Maleshefski in her eWeek Desktop Confidential column, and her critique of the Burton Group Report, written in the form of a love letter to Microsoft.

Next is Ecma’s Magic 8 Ball, the source of responses to your NB’s ballot comments, contributed by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

Finally, on YouTube, a droll faux-endorsement of OOXML by FFII President Pieter Hintjens called “Six Reasons to Migrate to OOXML“.

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  • orlando 2008/01/25, 4:49 pm

    enjoyed this:

    “agreed, not implemented”

    very funny!

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