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ODF Freely Available

Another step forward for ODF. After gaining ISO approval in May, and Publication status in December, ISO/IEC 26300 is now counted among ISO’s “Freely Available Standards“. What is the significance of this? The text is identical to what it was in May, but you no longer need to pay 342 Swiss Francs to ISO to download an official copy. It is now free. Enjoy!

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  • orcmid 2007/03/24, 3:15 pm

    I read the restrictions on the use of the freely-available OSI document and decided that it was simply better to use the OASIS version, which has a much simpler copyright and use restriction (and available in an editable form). I agree that it is nice that the document is available without charge, but it isn’t exactly “free.” More like ick-free.

    ECMA seems to have carved out a better deal for making ISO versions of their standards freely available as downloads. Maybe OASIS could arrange the same deal.

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