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Site Updates

If I had know I was going to be Groklaw’ed, I would have spruced up the place first and prepared for company! Thanks to all for the overwhelming expression of interest in these topics.

This blog is generated by Blogger, and published via ftp to my site. This blog is still quite young and you will continue you see things moving around a bit as I find out what works well.

Recent changes:

  • I had misconfigured some Blogger settings, causing my feed URL to be incorrect. So, if you subscribed before 7/20 then you’ll want to re-subscribe.
  • I’m auto-converting Blogger’s default Atom 0.3 feed to Atom 1.0. Thanks to the Sultan of Syndication, Sam Ruby, for help with that.
  • I’ve added a brief capsule bio linked to from the sidebar. My contact info is there as well.
  • I’ve also added a blogroll of sites which I find indispensable for keeping up with news related to ODF. I hope you find them as informative as I do.

I plan on writing additional essays related to ISO ODF and the draft Ecma OOXML. Expect to see one or two a week. There are already several bloggers who cover the universe of ODF news/happenings. Rather than repeat their good work, I will try to deal with technical issues in depth, with an emphasis on clearing the air of some of the FUD out there. I’ll also try to keep it fun. If there are any topics you especially would like to hear, please let me know.

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