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Weekly Links #6

  • “Can you please resend your attachment in OpenDocument format? I refuse to accept Microsoft Word documents or Microsoft Excel documents, because using proprietary formats is bad for freedom and bad for the web. Please visit http://www.fsf.org/campaigns/opendocument to get started with OpenDocument today”

    tags: ODF

  • “You guys are fantastic, thanks so much to everyone who commented! Your feedback is the most important piece for us when it comes to developing a feature set. Rest assured that many of the features you’ve mentioned (PDF, Google Docs integration, swirl zoom, localization, ODF support, etc) are being evaluated by our developers as we speak.”

    tags: ODF

  • “ODF Fuzzer is a file format fuzzer developed to test star writer
    of Open Office.org. This will attempt to find security vulnerabilities,
    bugs and code flaw errors of the star writer. It uses byte mutation
    and insertion methods to create fuzzed files. ODF Fuzzer have a simple
    built in module to execute the star writer with the fuzzed files
    and monitor it’s behaviour.”

    tags: ODF

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