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Weekly Links #3

  • “The mood at this year’s general meeting was joyous. In late January 2010, OSL could declare victory in maybe the most important and hard fought battle that OSL has been part of since its formation.

    On 29 January 2010 the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) decided unanimously to place the ODF standard as the only compliant open standard for editable documents on the list of open standards to be used by the Danish public sector.”

    tags: ODF

  • “Now, what about all the customers that chose to use Microsoft’s Office product just to get the OOXML feature? If they suffer loss because of this Microsoft compensate them? What about the documents they created with OOXML, will they have to be converted? What about the people that refuse to let Microsoft remove the patent violating code to protect their investments and documents? Could i4i sue them?”

    tags: OOXML

  • “Because we have ever less time to build apps and services, and because the human resources needed to get the job done are now the gating factor (not system resources), there aren’t too many good counter-arguments to the idea of up-leveling our data and tasks, then using the most powerful tools we can find. “

    tags: ODF

  • “OdtPHP is an oriented object libary for PHP 5+. It allows you to generate automatically OpenOffice text documents from templates. You can use it directly within your PHP scripts (without OpenOffice).”

    tags: ODF

  • “File formats are the rules that define the meaning of all the sequences of bits that you can find inside a computer file. If the format of a file isn’t really open, that is completely known and useable by everybody without paying fees or asking some permit, that file will surely readable without errors only with one or very few software programs and only until those programs exist. Therefore, their authors will be able to ask whatever price they want for every new version of their program(s), especially if citizens are trained in public schools to know (only) those same programs. “

    tags: ODF

  • “It’s been just over two years since the last stable release, but the Gnumeric team is still going strong. The project has a new stable series 1.10.x. This release removes the 65,536 row restriction on spreadsheets and includes many new functions, better OpenDocument Format (ODF) support, new statistical analysis tools, and a new utility for searching spreadsheet files.”

    tags: ODF

  • ODF with Ruby?

    tags: ODF

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