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Weekly Links #14

  • “DataNucleus supports persisting/retrieving objects to/from Open Document Format (ODF) documents (using the datanucleus-odf plugin). Such documents can then be used in applications like OpenOffice and KOffice. It makes use of the ODF Toolkit project.”

    tags: ODF

  • “So, the remaining question is: How to produce the ODF XML?

    What I did was, open the original content.xml and start to strip away anything that seemed useless. Repeat it untill things stop working.

    So this is an unoficial guide for people writing ODF spreadsheet documents on their own. This is the bare minimum XML I got”

    tags: ODF

  • “For people who adopt software, trying to judge the value of so-called “standards support” in a product can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Standards implementations often fail to live up to their promises and, worse, it can be very hard to tell in advance of installing and running the software whether or not the “standards support” it supposedly provides is actually going to meet your needs.”

    tags: standards

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