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Planned Migration of An Antic Disposition

Sometime over the next two weeks I’ll be migrating An Antic Disposition over to WordPress, introducing a new visual theme, and relocating to a new hosting company.  This will allow some additional capabilities that I look forward to enabling down the road.

My plan is to preserve all of the comments during the migration, not to break any incoming links, and to minimize any downtime.  That is the plan.  But minimal downtime is not the same as zero downtime, so don’t be surprised if you see me not here, at least occasionally.

One last thing to check, dear reader, especially if you follow me via my feed.  Around a year ago I wrapped my feed via FeedBurner.  If you have subscribed since then, you should be fine, since that FeedBurner URL will continue to work.  However, if you still subscribe to my old original Blogger feed (http://www.blogger.com/feeds/11236681/posts/full) then you will need to resubscribe with the new URL:

The main feed is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/robweir/antic-atom

12/28/09 Update

I’ve completed the migration from Blogger to WordPress.  It went easier than anticipated.  The posts and comments came over without problems.  I think I was able to preserve almost all of the post permalinks.  I’ll monitor the logs for 404 errors and add 303 redirects to fix any remaining URL mismatches.  However, I have not made any attempt to preserve the URLs for the archive or tag pages.  For the various legacy feeds, I’ve redirected all of them to the FeedBurner feed.

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  • Anonymous 2009/12/16, 7:47 pm

    Clicking on the second feed link generates an error. I didn't try the first one.

    I'm using FF3 and this is my feed location:


    Will that still work?

  • Rob Weir 2009/12/16, 10:40 pm

    Thanks. Only the first link should be needed. I have "SmartFeed" enabled for FeedBurner which should translate into Atom or RSS on the fly.

    I'll make sure atom.xml still works, though it may resolve via a 301 redirect.

  • Jesper Lund Stocholm 2009/12/30, 2:05 am

    Hi Rob,

    The new design on your blog looks really good.

    Does the new platform have mail-notification for subsequent comments to threads one replies to?

    Happy new-years to you.


  • Rob 2009/12/30, 9:10 am

    There is a comment feed: http://www.robweir.com/blog/comments/feed

    But that appears to be global, not per-post. I don’t see an email notification feature, at least not out-of-the-box. There may be a plugin available that does that. I’ll look around.

  • Jesper Lund Stocholm 2009/12/30, 1:41 pm

    Hi Rob,

    Well, I’m not a WordPress man myself, but mail notification plugins seem to be available by the bucket.


    I think it would be a nice feature to have on your blog – sometimes it’s hard to keep track on which discussions one participates in throughout the web.


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