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Weekly Links #21

  • “I took this advice and utilized the ODFDOM library (part of the odftoolkit project) to implement an xlsread wrapper .m function that will read .ods files on a non-pc platform. The function imports and utilizes classes from the odfdom.jar library.”

    tags: ODFDOM ODF

  • “How does this harm developing world? Well, the second part of the term “licensing fee,” is the little world, “fee.” You could also use “royalty fee,” or my more preferred term is, “stupid fee.” This fee trickles upwards into software cost. As many of us know, there are plenty of free software projects out there that can easily substitute paid-for software in terms of functionality, but being free software projects, they are unable to pay the licensing fees and therefore do not always support proprietary formats. Let’s continue to look at the trickle effect through a case example”

    tags: ODF

  • “Digitally signed documents in the FreOffice which was demonstrated at the ODF inter-operability event at Budapest, Hungary last week, Take a look at the demo of this here”

    tags: ODF

  • “On September 3rd OASIS ODF Adoption TC member Rob Weir sat down KDE community members Jos van den Oever (left) and Inge Wallin (right), in Budapest at the OpenOffice.org Conference, to discuss a range of topics, including the design philosphy of KOffice, its use of ODF 1.2’s new RDF metadata capabilities and the Nepomuk social semantic desktop project. You can listen to this interview in our second episode of the ODF Podcast.”

    tags: ODF

  • “ODF files saved from Excel 2007 and 2010 are not compatible with most other implementations of ODF in other applications. The other applications can’t read the formulas. Excel uses its own functions and does not try to be compatible with OpenOffice, etc.”

    tags: ODF

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