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Weekly Links #4

  • “This article is the first in a three-part series and introduces the new Open Document Format (ODF) Document Object Model (DOM) for Java™ along with the ODF Toolkit Union open source community, whose mission is to simplify the programmatic manipulation of documents and their data.”

    tags: ODF

  • ODFDOM 0.8 – The new Release of the OpenDocument Java Library – GullFOSS

    “The new version of ODFDOM – the OpenDocument Java library – has been released!Most people might know about ODFDOM, for the others: ODFDOM is an Apache 2 licensed Java library to easily create, access and manipulate the ODF documents.

    In biggest feature aside of a more than a dozen patches for ODFDOM 0.8 is the complete revised new ODF table API.
    The table is the first feature introducing our new layered design to ease ODF usage.”

    tags: ODF, ODFDOM

  • CeBIT 2010: Recipe for Office Migration

    “The city council’s conclusion: ‘We would do it again!’ Schiessl: ‘The office product is a key to independence. Once you’ve solved the office issue, you’re independent of any operating system.’ “

    tags: ODF

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